Actimax - Case Study

Actimax showcasing awards
Communicating quality

The Client

Actimax is a fast-growing telecoms and IT solutions company. Its increasing client base stretches throughout London and the Home Counties. They have been taking advantage of our wide range of services for more than five years.

The Brief
Actimax had an excellent website but it was largely technical and product led. The company needed to emphasise the high level of customer satisfaction that it had achieved through informative, but less-technical, content.

WordsWorth recommended an ongoing series of case studies that would be written in a style that would strike a balance of understanding for all visitors to the website. At regular intervals, as contracts were completed, WordsWorth gathered detailed information from Actimax staff and the client, and compiled each case study.

The Result
The client now has a series of case studies with subjects ranging from high-end systems installations to unusual applications.
The case studies have a wide appeal. They avoid the pitfalls of being too specialised and focused on IT Managers, by addressing the non-technical person holding the purse strings. Senior executives are also people who need to understand how a solution will benefit their business rather than how the equipment works.