Business Update

Don't cut PR and Marketing

The current business environment is tough at the moment but do you see the High Street stores turning off their lighted signs at nights and weekends?
The answer is no and shining examples are Tesco, M&S and even small retail traders who emblazon their names in lights whenever they can.
They want their names to be put about, so why, as margins are squeezed and sales begin to dip, is the temptation for many businesses to slim down their marketing/Public Relations (PR) budget?
Lit signs are marketing/PR for retailers and falling sales do not make them hit the off switch.
There is a moral here for non-retailers - manufacturers and the service industries - keep marketing. Whether through press releases, newsletters, leaflets or advertising, it is those who set aside a budget for promotion in the bad times that are ready to take off when the economic brakes are released.
Now is not the time to make marketing/PR dispensable. Short-term decisions such as reducing the marketing/PR budget are false economy - it is the long view that will pay dividends.
Economic history has shown that in previous recessions the brands - such as Nike, Adidas and Tesco upped their marketing/PR spend to unprecedented levels, staying ahead while their competitors who took the cost-cutting view shrunk or disappeared.
Putting some marketing/PR muscle behind your brand, services and products in the bad times shows business nous and will, in your target markets, associate your products with quality instead of the bargain basement.
If marketing/PR in a recession keeps sales maintained imagine what will happen when the financial reins are loosened and customers start spending more with you.
Keeping your name out there is the name of the game and Words Worth, with 20 years in the business, is here to help you do that. Call our Business Development Team on 01621 776832.

Take a leaf out of the M&S book - PROMOTE

Few can doubt the track record of success of Marks & Spencer over the past 100 years or more. The company's business methods are a true model for the rest of us - so why not take a leaf out of its book as the current credit crunch and recession bite.
Recently, when things began to get tough in the retail as well as other business sectors, the M&S Board had some tough financial decisions to make and one of them backed what Words Worth has been saying for months.
As a specialist over 20 years of achieving publicity for clients through editorial means, Words Worth has traded through previous recessions and downturns. We have always maintained that clients should not recede with recession. It is the time to be bold and allocate spending to promote. Companies, which take this step, find their profile heightened and then, when the better times dawn, they are streets ahead of their rivals who didn't heed the promotion message.
The recessionary mantra should be "Who dares to promote - wins".
This Words Worth view has been backed by none other than M&S. Its Board has decided to hold fire on plans to modernise stores and to allocate more resources - and budget - to marketing. This is most likely to range from PR campaigns, more advertising and special promotions.
You had already heard it from Words Worth, now hear it from a name as big as Marks & Spencer - during the hard times, think PR and promotion.

Be one jump ahead of the recession

Periods of difficult trading are not the time to shrink. It's the time to seek the spotlight and step up the promotion of your business. When good economic times return, you will be in front of the competition.
The team at WordsWorth PR are specialists at heightening the profile of businesses - from start-up ventures, through SMEs to multinationals.
Let us help you retain your position and be fully prepared for the economic upturn through:

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