Making media headlines

Business Cafe competition winner

Catherine Turner knows all the answers
Headlines grab the readers' attention so they formed the basis of a brain teaser which started the 7am Business Café networking group meeting at The Barn Brasserie, Great Tey. Words Worth’s Adrienne Lowing, who was delivering the 30 minute PR presentation on how companies can promote themselves, set members the task of guessing which of six headlines came from either the Daily Mirror or Classic Tractor magazine.
Congratulations to our winning words winner Catherine Turner whose correct entry was first out of the hat.
The answers were:
Busy with New Models – Classic Tractor (from Regional Farming round-up section)
Crime Wave is continuing – Classic Tractor (Break-ins continue to be a problem for agricultural machinery trade)
Ron the Pull - Daily Mirror (Classic tabloid tale about goal ace Christiano Ronaldo’s way with the ladies)
Oh, Flip! – Daily Mirror (lucky escape for driver of car which somersaulted on to a railway line)
Big Blues are Back Again - Classic Tractor (New Holland announces return to big tractor market)
Nothing Special – Daily Mirror (Sir Alex Ferguson taunts Chelsea boss Luiz Felipe Scolari about his abilities)