Our travel trade media specialists

Mike Swindell

Mike Swindell has been a travel writer for more than 20 years in a successful career as a staff writer and editor on travel industry and consumer news publications. Special travel sectors include aviation and travel industry technology.
He has experienced and written on most regions of the world and his current areas of prime travel expertise are sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific islands. In his time as a writer he has battled bicycles in Beijing, tottered on the lip of Arizona's Grand Canyon, camped in France, boated in Venice, motored through Mexico, walked in Wales, relaxed in Reykjavik and dallied in Delhi.
When not part of Words Worth PR's Travel Team, Mike is happiest trekking in the African bush, visiting the more remote islands of the Seychelles and Maldives, and slowing down with visits to supremely laid back destinations such as the Cook Islands.

Graham Lowing

Graham Lowing is equally widely travelled and experienced in the travel and tourism industry. His areas of journalistic expertise have been North America, western Europe, the European islands and north Africa. Specialist travel and tourism sectors have been golf and sporting holidays, ranching, adventure travel and car rental.

Countries seeking a higher profile in English-language markets have utilised the joint Lowing/Swindell skills to produce brochures and newspapers for a range of travel-orientated organisations. Swindell and Lowing copywriting, graphics and production expertise have been successfully packaged to produce excellent promotional trade literature for destinations such as Singapore, Croatia, Florida, Israel and Jamaica - and for respected travel companies such as Korean Airlines and The Walt Disney Company.